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Mmmm...Just Enjoy. Logo Icon:  Bright red biting lips


Red Check Mark next to text "Effortless"


Red Check Mark next to text "Effortless"
Red Check Mark next to text "Effortless"
Break out of the mold
Pop open a bottle and

Launched in Chicago in April of 2022 by hospitality veteran Molly Matelski and her Italian partner, Mmmm...Enjoy. offers unpretentious, inviting and colorful premium Italian wines, making life's moments effortlessly enjoyable.  With fun, bold packaging and award-winning wine, Mmmm...Enjoy. helps anyone feel confident walking down the wine aisle and grabbing a bottle of premium Italian wine for their next date night, event, gift or anything in between. 

Mmmm...Enjoy. Wines are:
*Local, Women-Owned

*Vegan Friendly

*No unnatural additives

*Low Sugar (0.4 - 2 grams per glass)

*Single Vintage (for freshest/purest product)

*Undergo strict selection process - only the best final product is used, the rest is sold off

*Must be 21+; always drink responsibly.

Mmmm…Enjoy. wines may be found in over 25 local shops and over 20 restaurants in the Chicagoland area and may be shipped to 31 states.


Our WHY:  At Mmmm...Enjoy. we want to help you enjoy the moment and feel the freedom to be yourself, whether that's over a glass of wine, at one of our events, or through our community.


Time & Space for Everyone:  With our award winning Proseccos & Italian wine, you can't go wrong.  From day to nightlife, brunch to bottle service, intimate moment to extravagant event, we are the bold, stylish, edgy, yet seductive finishing touch elevating any occasion. By offering high-quality wines in fun, unpretentious packaging, we help anyone feel confident walking down the wine aisle & grabbing a bottle of our wine.

More than a Wine Brand:  We partner with like-minded businesses, musicians, artists & more to host engaging events where everyone can Mmmm...Enjoy. the moment.

Our Communities:  We also care deeply about our local communities & try to support them when we can. That's why we work to support a local nonprofit at each of our events, like The Institute for Nonviolence & Build Chicago and participate in events supporting local organizations such as Female Strong.  We also started small - selling to neighborhood shops and grocers, who know and are an integral part of their communities.  They know and care deeply for their guests, they share our small business struggle and we love getting to know the owners and workers. 

Join the (open-to-everyone) Society:  
No matter your vibe, or how you identify, we're here for you.  Quickly becoming a favorite among Artists, DJs, creatives & visionaries, join the Mmmm...Enjoy. Society at the footer of this page & experience the difference. Sign up for our newsletter & follow us on Instagram @EnjoyMMMMWines to stay informed about upcoming events, special invites, promotions and more!

We Believe:

We thrive on going against the boldly...loving strongly...and smiling joyfully.  With that in mind, we also believe:

  1. Wine shouldn't be complicated or intimidating It is meant to be enjoyed and to positively enhance or transform your experiences.  That is why we created a playful logo, not just to express how you can feel drinking our wine, but to hopefully make you feel a bit more comfortable and at ease walking down the wine aisle and reaching for one of our wines. 

  2. Wine should be for everyone (of legal drinking age) who desires it and for any occasion.  We’ve worked to create wines that satisfy a range of palettes, so you can be assured that when you bring one of our wines to your next occasion, it will be a crowd pleaser.  We’ve also spent much time designing a fresh, eye catching label that reflects our attitudes and that can add a touch of excitement or spark conversation, day or night, picnic or gala, business or leisure, or nearly anything in between...and we are working to build a diverse group of ambassadors and advisors, to ensure we remain inclusive.  Finally, we worked tirelessly to bring it all to you at a fair price, so you can have your wine and drink it too!

  3. Wine should make life more colorful!  While this can certainly be translated literally, we see it more as the idea of being able to experience, appreciate, delight  and express ourselves in the infinite shades of color that make up our lives and the world around us.  We also want you to feel  free to be yourself, take a moment or two to be in the moment & enjoy every sip!  And on those gloomy days, our community will be there for you too.

  4. And finally, that at the end of the day, it's not about the wine, it's about living in and enjoying the Moment, responsibly.  Wine can enhance a meal or celebration, but shouldn't be consumed in excess.  In fact, you don’t have to drink any of our wines to adopt our philosophy!  After all, we understand that for a number of reasons, wine isn’t for everyone.  That is why we developed a line of people & planet-conscious merch, are hosting a number of events and plan to eventually have no-alcohol beverage options so that if you want to break out of the mold & share in the philosophy & energy of our company, whether you drink wine or not, you can!

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