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Venezia Giulia IGT 2021

*Women-Owned *Vegan-Friendly *No Unnatural Additives *Low Sugar (~0.5 grams per glass) *Single Vintage (for freshest/purest product) *Undergoes strict selection process:  only the best final product is used (the rest is sold off)

A refreshing, light, fruit-forward rosé, perfect for brightening up your aperitivo, to sip on the terrace, at the pool or while simply enjoying time with friends or a good book.  The perfect, high-quality base for a wine spritz or frosé, some might call it spring or summer in a bottle, but we just call it simply, Rosé.

In our world, anything goes... so don’t overthink it...just enjoy (like a true Italian!).  We are quite confident you will only have one thing to say:  Mmmm...Enjoy responsibly nearly anytime.

We didn't set out to compete against Provence Rosés, in fact, quite the opposite.  We wanted to offer guests an easy-going, approachable, yet high quality wine made from the Merlot grape, offering greater fruit flavors and just a touch of minerality.  It turns out, that's exactly what many people were looking for...including the French!

Icon:  wine droplet

Color:  bright, light pink, with orange reflections

Icon:  nose

Nose:  intense aromas of wild strawberries & flowers

Mmmm...Just Enjoy logo icon of bright red biting lips

Flavor/Finish:  characteristic notes of strawberries, acai & lime, with a slight hint of minerality & a full, dry flavor

Icon:  wine grapes bunch

Varietal:  100% Merlot

Icon:  wine glass and cheese

Pairs well with:  A good time!

With bright, balanced acidity, medium body and a touch of minerality, our wines pair with a wide range of cuisines! Rather than suggest what specific food to pair with our wines, we recommend you play around with different dishes and flavor combinations and choose your favorite!  We'd love to hear what you come up with!

Icon:  wine barrel

Process:  cold maceration of grapes, decanting, fermentation, then fining in bottle

Icon:  thermometer

Serving Temperature:  50 - 54 °F 

Icon:  percentage sign

Alcohol: 12.0%

Sugar:  ~0.5 grams per *glass

**Calories:  ~100 per *glass

*5 oz

**We make no health claims or scientific facts.  Calorie calculation based on internal calculation combining the number of calories in alcohol and sugar in th wine

Image of a bottle of MMMM...Just Enjoy. Rosé Italian wine Venezia Giulia IGT.  Wine is a light pink
Wine Characteristics on a scale of 1-5: Acidity - 4, Fruit - 4, Tannin - 1, Sweetness - 1, Body - 1

Region:  Friuli

Drawing of the regions of Italy with Friuli shaded in bright red in the Northeast
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