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Art, Wine & Gastronomy Pop-Up
October 2, 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
726 Anthony Trail, Northbrook, IL  60062

Inspired by the vivid red color of the same name, "Vermillion" is a celebration of the passion for art and gastronomy, presented by Mmmm...Just Enjoy., Louis Comte, and Marie Rondeau.

From seasoned art guide, Marie Rondeau, collector Louis Comte and the emerging wine and lifestyle brand Mmmm...Just Enjoy., founded by the team who brought you Italian Expo, Italian Fashion Week and more, enjoy French & Italian artistries at their best, while meeting the artists behind them. Against the dynamic backdrop of an expansive warehouse, experience local artists' paintings, photographs, fashion & "objet d'art" come to life, while invigorating your senses with culinary creations, colorful wines & curated music.

Enjoy this special opportunity to meet four celebrated artists and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Artwork - Jason Farley  #1.jpg

Jason Farley

Daydream Correlation

After working many years creating a

number of various paintings and illustrations, Jason Farley’s art evolved into new styles until recently compositions unlike anything prior began to emerge in his studio.


The Chicagoan took inspiration from contemporary surrealism, then added luxury, beauty and raw human emotion. The series “Juxtaposed Surrealism” is the work Jason has been longing to create. “With this style, I have the freedom to create practically anything and the ability to juxtapose a new world in my art as I see fit.” 

Jason Farley_edited.jpg

Julie Malka

Vintage TVs Reborn

Julie Malka is a Chicago-based French fashion designer who recently embarked on a new artistic project to bring vintage TVs back to life as art objects. She transforms these objects of the past to give them a second chance to be reborn and appreciated by a new audience.

You may also find her fashion tights at

Artwork - Julie Malka #1_edited.jpg
Artist Profile Picture - Julie Malka.jpg
Artwork - Monica Mazzotto #1.jpg

Monica Mazzotto

Bringing life to
abandoned buildings

Before pursuing her passion for photography, Monica Mazzotto was an ethnologist. From the world of scientific research, she lands in the world of photography in a completely personal way.

Combining her passion for photography with her study and deep knowledge of animal behavior, she creates abstract realities by incorporating lively and colorful animals in her greyscale pictures of abandoned buildings.

Artist Profile Picture - Monica Mazzotto.JPG

David Gista

Commentary on Contemporary Life

David Gista was born and raised in Paris, and now divides his time between France and the United States, having established his artistic career on both continents. Gista studied art at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and so combines his classical fine arts training with his keen-eyed examination of modernity, creating a running commentary on contemporary life expressed in a variety of media.

Artwork - David Gista #1.jpeg
Artist Profile Picture - David Gista.jpg

Marie Rondeau

Art Guide & Curator

Marie Rondeau studied Art History, Crique

& Conversation at the Université Catholique de Louvain and became a certified licensed lecturer and tour guide in France from the Ecsedi-Isalt (Haute Ecole Galilée).

After working for 10 years in France as a lecturer and tour guide for International study tours, an American company, she moved to New York to work as a freelance tour guide.

Now she is a lecturer and tour guide on Art, history and architecture in Chicago.  Utilizing her knowledge of art and connections with the Chicago art world, Marie recently added Curator to her qualifications, with her first Art Gallery Pop-Up in May of 2022, featuring local artists and special guest:  street artist & muralist, Sentrock.  

"Vermillion" is her 2nd of what is sure to be many pop-up events, with the goal of elevating up-and-coming artists through stimulating events that bring together art, wine, gastronomy and multiple cultures.

Marie Rondeau_edited_edited.jpg

Brought to you by:

Louis Comte

Art Collector
& World Traveler

Louis Comte is a French art collector living in Chicago. In addition to his passion for art, he is passionate about French and Italian wines & gastronomy, having lived in Italy and France in his youth and experiencing both French and Italian cultures on a daily basis. Louis is honored to be offered the opportunity to organize “Vermillion'' with wonderful artists an art curator, talented chefs and an Italian wine importer and brand, and share his passions with fellow art, wine, and gastronomy enthusiasts.

louis hebru brantley.png
louis thinking of you_edited.jpg
Mmmm Just Enjoy Wines.png
MMMM table.jpg

Mmmm...Just Enjoy.

Chicago Style 
Italian Quality

Mmmm...Just Enjoy. is a wine and lifestyle brand that launched in Spring of 2022 in Chicago.  Founded by the internationally recognized Italian marketing and events leader, Maurizio Muzzetta and restaurant & hospitality expert, Molly Matelski, Mmmm...offers unpretentious, inviting and colorful Italian wines, along with fun, interactive and engaging events, activations and experiences.  Mmmm... partners with like-minded businesses, restaurants, nonprofits, artists, musicians, galleries and more to create memborable moments that allow guests to Mmmm...Just Enjoy. the people they are with, the place they are at and the moment they are in .  Even guests who do not drink wine can share the philosophy of enjoying every moment.


Food Provided by:

Elio Pizza on Fire

Sicilian Wood-Fired
Pizza & Specialties

Named "Best of Lake Street" by Chicago's Best and "Best of Sicily" by the IACC, Elio's Pizza on Fire has become a staple in Addison, IL with locals and Chicagoans flooding the restaurant for authentic Sicilian pizza, bruschetta, appetizers, panini & other Italian specialties.  A family-run business by husband and wife team Elio & Rosanna Bartolotta, hailing from Palermo, Sicily, when you enter their establishment, you already feel like part of their family. 


At "Vermillion," enjoy the special opportunity to meet chef Elio Bartolotta and enjoy some of his most popular, celebrated dishes!

elio's night pizza.jpg
elio pizza on fire logo_edited.jpg
mtg warehouse_edited.jpg

More Than Grapes


Italian Wine & Beverage Importer & Distributor

More Than Grapes (MTG) is more than a name or a title, it is a mantra - More Than Grapes is about more than, well, grapes!  Understanding that every glass of wine carries with it a story—a journey—a legend—MTG believes that guests should have the opportunity to connect with those stories every time they sip one of their intriguing wines.  


They carefully select producers of high-quality wines with a passion for and dedication to their craft, ingredients, land and community and partner with equally as passionate distributors.

More Than Grapes' warehouse will add a distinct, intriguing, industrial element to the "Vermillion" event, offering a stark contrast to colorful paintings and objects, while reinforcing the mood of Mazzotto's photographs.  There will also be a separate room available for lounging and enjoying the wine bar.

The Space:

More Than Grapes logo MASTER FINAL_edited.png
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